DCMA 14-Point Assessment for Project Schedule Health – Brandon Bogle

While evaluating the schedule quality, during both planning and monitoring & controlling, it is important to make
assessments from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. A quantitative assessment of schedule quality is based
on measurable criteria rooted in industry-defined scheduling best practices. To that end, the Defense Contract
Management Agency (DCMA) developed a set of health checks and guidelines collectively known as the DCMA
14-Point Assessment. These are not necessarily hard and fast rules, but more indicators of potential problem areas
where a deeper schedule analysis may be necessary. Here, we will examine each of the 14 points and why they are
critical for a healthy project schedule

How to Use Project Monitoring for Maximum Impact – Jonathan Porter

I love sailing. Being on the water. The fresh air. The comradery of working together with your friends against the
elements. However, to get to where you want to go, you don’t just set your sails, sit back, and do nothing. The wind
will blow you wherever it wants. No, you have to continually adjust the tiller for the proper heading, ease out or
sheet in your sails, and plan for when you have to cross the wind to get a better angle on your destination. Project
monitoring and control is no different.