Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Exam Prep

Ready to go beyond the basics? Join the hundreds of CCP students who are building a comprehensive CMMC foundation to bring expertise and value to any organization as effective CMMC implementers, consultants, and assessment team members.

Our CCP Exam Prep course provides 5 days of learning with a dedicated team of world-class Provisional Instructors (PIs), who are also CCPs and CCAs. We leverage our Cyber AB Approved Training Materials (CATM) based on the CMMC 2.0 standard, providing participants a varied and well-rounded view of CMMC.


Interested in a private class? Email us directly at Training@EdwPS.com.


Don’t settle for less than the best! Our training materials are known for their superior quality – couple that with our team of PIs and you have a winning combination! Our instructors are PIs, as well as Provisional Assessors (PAs), with decades of assessment experience. And now, Edwards offers this same experience in a Guided Learning format!


The CCP Exam Prep Boot Camp provides in-depth foundational CMMC 2.0 knowledge.

  • Industry Expertise  The syllabus is taught by the industry’s most respected. They are PIs, CCPs, and CCAs, with up to five instructors per course and two instructors per module to provide rich context and experience for each objective.
  • CATM – We wrote the book! Our materials are approved by The Cyber AB and developed by a combo of Edwards Instructional Designers (ISDs) and cybersecurity experts. This mix provides dynamic knowledge with the learner in mind!
  • Robust Resources – Our instructor team offer ongoing support, even after class has ended! Practice questions, links to important resources, and scenarios are all included with Edwards course.
  • Multiple Formats – Students can learn from these PIs through virtual instructor led training, live classes, or in an asynchronous setting (self-paced, eLearning modules), with the support of live study sessions; this offers students the flexibility to fit learning into their schedule.

Who is the CCP for?

Our CCP course is integral for those looking to be a valuable resource to a consultancy providing CMMC preparation, C3PAO providing Certified Assessor services, or an organization interested in having in-house CMMC trained resources.

Consultants and Service Providers

MSPs, MSSPs, Cybersecurity &Technology Consultants, RPs, & RPOs

Our CCP classes are full of CMMC consultants and service providers gaining a complete picture of CMMC fundamentals!

What better way to learn what an assessor will look for than to join future assessors in their initial certification course.

Employees of Organizations Seeking CMMC Certification

IT & Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance Officers, Legal & Contract Compliance, & Management Professionals

Organizations in the DIB send their internal IT and InfoSec teams to learn how to prepare for assessment readiness from consultants and assessors. Having a network of professionals is an amazing resource and beneficial when looking for answers for their own implementation.

Candidate CMMC Assessment Team Members

Candidate CMMC Assessment Team Members

Those wanting to pivot to CMMC assessments from FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and other framework assessments find the Edwards PI team to be the most skilled. In addition to the best curriculum, our 5-day boot camp is delivered by at least two PIs at a time. Since our PIs are also PAs, CCP students get real-world experience!


Our CCP 2.0 course is now approved by The Cyber AB, and enrollment is open for the Exam Prep Boot Camps. The updated CCP 2.0 course provides the necessary knowledge to pass The Cyber AB exam and includes the latest CMMC 2.0 information.

This 5-day CCP course covers the foundational required curriculum along with Level 2 scoping and the full 110 practices. This class is integral to an individual who is a valuable resource to a consultancy providing CMMC preparation, to a C3PAO providing certified assessor support, or to an organization interested in having in-house CMMC trained resources.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the CMMC Assessment Process (CAP) Documentation to assist in representing or preparing an organization for formal assessment by a C3PAO
  • Understand key CMMC historical building blocks and applicable DIB regulatory obligations
  • Apply concepts around identifying, handling, marking, storing, labeling, and safeguarding FCI and CUI according to NARA and NIST 800-171
  • Understand Level 1 and Level 2 Scoping criteria according to the CMMC 2.0 Documentation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the correlation of NIST 800-171 controls across all domains and all 110 practices
  • Describe and compare roles and responsibilities of organizations and individuals across the CMMC-AB ecosystem
  • Define, understand, and implement methods to fulfil NIST 800-171 Assessment Objectives within each control according to CMMC 2.0 Documentation
  • Identify legal obligations and ethical considerations of any of The Cyber AB credentialed, registered, or certified professionals
  • Understand all aspects and management of conflicts with the Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC)
  • 5 days of live instructor-led training
  • Digital CCP Field Guide and Exam Prep Manual with Level 2 scoping and all 110 controls
  • Digital CCP Student Workbook with slides covering Levels 1 and 2 Scoping and all 110 controls
  • Downloads of CCP-specific The Cyber AB exclusive materials for the CAP
  • Links to dozens of free resources in support of CCP foundational knowledge
  • In-class activities with two Provisional Instructors for each Knowledge Area throughout the boot camp
  • Certificate of completion and approval to sit for The Cyber AB Exam

Edwards now offers CCP in a Guided Learning format, which includes:

  • Digital CCP Field Guide and Exam Prep Manual with Level 2 scoping and all 110 controls
  • Digital CCP Student Workbook with slides covering Levels 1 and 2 Scoping and all 110 controls
  • Links to free resources in support of CCP foundational knowledge
  • Nearly 20 hours of e-learning modules and recorded lectures and discussions with frequent knowledge checks throughout course
  • CCP Practice Exam
  • Three hours of live Q&A with Provisional Instructors
  • Email access to instructor staff
  • Certificate of completion and approval to sit for CMMC-AB Exam


Edwards Performance Solutions provides more than just a 5-day boot camp. Our instructors support you from the very beginning until after you have passed your exam. The instruction, along with the resources, provide an impeccable starting point to your CMMC journey.


Prior to class, you receive an e-copy of the CCP Field Guide and Exam Prep Manual and downloadable assets to be reviewed during the CCP class, as well as a list of valuable additional resources to leverage in preparation for CCP.


Participation in our five-day virtual instructor led course provides discourse and engagement with multiple Provisional Instructors during each module, offering a well-rounded CMMC education. Your e-copy of the CCP Student Workbook contains each instructor slide and areas for notes.


All class recordings and chat logs are posted in our LMS for viewing. Our team is here to support you in passing your CCP exam! We encourage you to connect with our PIs on LinkedIn or via email, as well as leverage the your CCP student peers for networking and ongoing support during your journey.


These industry powerhouses chose to instruct with Edwards to help groom and grow the army of qualified assessors necessary for CMMC to be successful. Our Training team partnered with our Cybersecurity SMEs to bring you The Cyber AB approved courses and training materials – ensuring you receive the best CMMC education available. Being both a government contractor and commercial provider, we are heavily invested in supporting the contractor community to navigate CMMC.

Hover over the instructors’ name to learn more.

Kat Adams


Kat is a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant and Instructor at Edwards Performance Solutions, with 35+ years of practical IT experience in Information Systems, Acquisition, and Inspections. Upon retiring from the United States Air Force as a “Cyber Warrior”, Kat determined that letting go of the common sense approach of meeting requirements was not an option.

Her goal is to show students how to break down obstacles and impediments and realistically apply classroom lessons to their everyday life challenges. Prior to Edwards, Kat was the Director of Compliance Solutions and Services at Cask Government Services.

Kat graduated from Bellevue University with a B.S. in Information Systems Management. She also holds two A.S. degrees from the Community College of the Air Force – Information Systems Technology and Instructor of Technical & Military Science.

Amira Armond


Amira has 20+ years experience in operating highly secure military networks with strong and repeatable processes. She is a founder of the C3PAO Stakeholder Forum, an industry group which focuses on standardizing assessment procedures and interpretations among C3PAOs, as well as the President of Kieri Solutions LLC. Amira has been an active voice in CMMC through her blog at cmmcaudit.org, a source of free resources and training for CMMC preparation.

Students will appreciate her deep understanding of CMMC practices and processes, scoping and boundaries, proving inheritance, and regulatory requirements for CUI.

Joy Beland


Joy is the Vice President of Partner Strategy and Cybersecurity Education for Summit 7. Prior to her role with Summit 7, Joy served as the CMMC Training Program Manager for Edwards Performance solutions where she helped develop our current CCP and CCA offerings. Before diving head-first into CMMC, Joy worked with the MSP community as a cybersecurity instructor, educating 3,000+ MSPs on cybersecurity fundamentals. Joy also owned a successful MSP in Los Angeles for 21 years and successfully sold her practice in 2018.

Joy’s energy and enthusiasm, coupled with her industry experience and knowledge provides a dynamic and engaging training experience.

Matt Hoeper


Matt is a Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Instructor, and Solution Area Lead for Edwards Performance Solutions, with 25+ years of IT experience. Matt holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems as well as PMP and CISSP certifications. Prior to joining Edwards, he worked for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses in areas of engineering, financial, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, and health care. Matt has conducted security assessments against multiple standards, as well as spoken to multiple organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, local colleges, and Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs).

Matt's quick wit and knowledge base allows him to break down complex concepts to be easily understood at any level.

Jacob Horne


Jacob is the Chief Security Evangelist for Summit 7 Systems where he specializes in helping customers, partners, and the broader defense industrial base understand how security and process can improve business operations.

As a former NSA intelligence analyst and U.S. Navy cryptologic technician, Jacob has 15+ years of experience in offensive and defensive cybersecurity operations. As a civilian, he has led cybersecurity compliance and engineering teams at AT&T, Northrop Grumman, and the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). Jacob is well respected in the industry.

Brian Hubbard


Brian is the CEO of Evolved Cyber Solutions, LLC. Prior to Evolved, with 35+ years of cybersecurity program management experience, Brian served as the Director of Commercial and Cybersecurity business for Edwards Performance Solutions and led the contractor team supporting NIST in the development of the “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” (i.e., the NIST Cybersecurity Framework) in response to Executive Order 13636.

Brian brings his assessment background to the classroom, focused on real-world examples.

Rose Kingombo


Rose is the Director of Systems Integrity & Recovery for Compliance Solutions and Services with 10+ years' experience as a Cybersecurity SME. Her expertise includes tailoring digital strategies to the mission of an organization, developing cybersecurity technology strategies, performing proactive cybersecurity risk management assessments and solving complex challenges.

Rose excels in bringing a well-rounded perspective into classroom discussions.

Chris Silvers


Chris is the founder and CEO of CG Silvers Consulting as well as a DEFCON black badge winner. His professional history stretches from the Federal Reserve System — where he led building vulnerability management, red team exercises, forensic investigation, and incident response capabilities for 10+ years — to top security clearance Department of Defense technical security course instruction for red and blue teams.

Chris’ passion for education and more than 20 years of experience in information security have landed him on the presenter’s stage at conferences such as Defcon, BsidesAtlanta, NolaCon, DerbyCon, and GrrCon. Chris has a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA.

Koren Wise


Koren is a Cybersecurity Professional leading organizations in business continuity planning, business impact analysis using RMF/NIST guidelines, eDiscovery, root-cause analysis, and data forensic investigations. She is the owner and operator of Wise Technical Innovations in Norfolk, Virginia; GSA HACS awarded for Penetration Testing, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, HVA Assessments, Threat Hunt, and Incident Response. Koren is also certified as Assessment Lead by the Department of Homeland Security/CISA AES-HVA Assessment Program. The business has maintained a flawless reputation for 18+ years.

Koren is highly skilled with projects involving Secure Network Design and Implementation, Disaster Recovery/Backup Architectures, Virtualization, Cloud Initiatives, and SharePoint - making her a true classroom asset.

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