Unparalleled Scheduling Success


If our core competency is program and project management, then scheduling is our sweet spot.

For 25 years, we’ve helped organizations large and small—government and commercial—to choose,
install, and customize the scheduling tools that fit their needs.

Maximizing the Value of Scheduling

Beyond the tools and discipline of scheduling, we help change organizational cultures to embrace the value of scheduling done right.

Whether it’s a mammoth, highly integrated master schedule or a project-specific schedule, we have the expertise and passion to help align—and wow—your stakeholders, ensuring everyone meets their goals. Our team of program management enthusiasts builds and customizes tools like the following:

Edwards Scheduling Toolkit

including an automated DCMA 14-Point Assessment, GAO-based assessment, and advanced schedule analytics

ECHO Logo (R)

ECHO: Secure-Repeatable-Agile®

schedule tool add-in, allowing simultaneous reporting on both waterfall and Agile projects; assimilates data from Jira, Rally, Team Viewer, Excel, and more

Custom macro development

utilizing Visual Basic (VBA) in Microsoft Project allowing teams to automate scheduling processes, including status updates and project schedule adjustments, by transposing information from different sources directly into the project.

Custom dashboards and reports

using tools like PowerBI and Tableau to pull scheduling data from multiple sources to show key metrics important to project stakeholders and decision makers


Have a need for scheduling tools, top-notch schedulers, or subject matter expertise? Looking to ensure your project or program is delivered on time, on budget, and in line with quality standards? Want insight into the market trends for scheduling? Contact us today for a free consultation!

Solution Breakdown: Scheduling Series