Integrate Agile/Traditional/HybridECHO
Methodologies to Increase Business Agility

Increasingly, organizations require project management solutions that allow for greater business agility — in particular, solutions that support a hybrid approach combining traditional waterfall and Agile methodologies. As a unique offering in the marketplace, the innovative team at Edwards has developed ECHO: Secure-Repeatable-Agile®.

ECHO is a standards-based framework, initially built on the Microsoft product suite, that facilitates greater business agility, faster iterative delivery and consistent planning and reporting across all types of projects. Most importantly, ECHO enables an organization to manage projects using traditional waterfall and Agile methodologies side by side for greater flexibility and control.

Whether your organization has already embraced Agile as a way of conducting business, or you need a reliable way to integrate management of your traditional waterfall, Agile, and hybrid development approaches, ECHO can help.