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Portfolio, Program, & Project Management

The underpinning of our expertise and foundational solution. Our Project Managers have extensive "real world" experience tracking projects from start to finish. From localized projects to the enterprise infrastructure, our solutions help you reach your goal on target, on time, and on budget. Whether we’re establishing a comprehensive project management office (PMO), developing or adjusting an enterprise’s program and portfolio management process, or rescuing a failing project, our approach is based on the sound application of PMI-based standards. Our consultants follow a highly disciplined approach to program and portfolio management, as well as the selection and application of tools for automating policies and practices.

PMO Development and Oversight
Project and Program Management
Project Control Support
Knowledge Management
Acquisition Support

Agile/Traditional/Hybrid Integration

Increasingly, organizations require performance solutions that allow for greater business agility. To meet the need for Agile solutions, Edwards developed ECHO: Secure-Repeatable-Agile® − a proprietary solution supporting Agile, waterfall, and Agile/Traditional Hybrid projects on one platform.

ECHO is a standards-based framework to facilitate greater business agility, faster iterative delivery, and consistent planning and reporting across the enterprise. Most importantly, ECHO enables true enterprise management using traditional waterfall and Agile methodologies side by side for greater flexibility. Edwards’ ECHO Framework tracks and reports metrics across traditional, hybrid, and Agile projects.


Operational Performance Assessments

Our assessments enhance your understanding of operational areas, their contributions to success, and any gaps. We develop, collect, and analyze organizational metrics, providing a positive performance impact. Our operational performance assessments provide an external perspective to determine how well your organization is “really” doing. We provide a fact-based framework to evaluate people, processes, and technology through analyzing key data and industry standards − creating a smart, cost-effective, and executable plan for improvement.

Performance Measurement and Reporting
Service Transition Planning/Oversight
EVM Assessments and Implementation
Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

EVM Assessments & Implementation

Earned Value Management (EVM) techniques allowing project managers to effectively and consistently measure project performance. It is our systematic project management assessment process is used to find variances in projects based on the comparison of worked performed and work planned. Edwards implements EVM methodologies leveraging cost, schedule, and agile burn down control/KPIs which affords our client a very useful in project forecasting. We will determine project baseline is an essential component of EVM and serves as a reference point for all EVM related activities. Edwards EVM approach is scalable; providing quantitative data for project decision making.