Enterprise Management

We keep you on the right track. Deadlines are met, goals are achieved … and just as importantly, you and your team can remain focused on accomplishing your mission.

At the core of our success is an unwavering focus on Program & Portfolio Management (PPM). Other firms may offer specific ways to support the PPM process — but for us, it’s only the price of entry. Over the years, we developed our own set of proven standards, processes, and methodologies that leverage recognized standards from the industry, Department of Defense (DoD) and the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.

Whether we’re establishing a comprehensive project management office (PMO), developing or adjusting an enterprise’s program and portfolio management process, or rescuing a failing project, our approach is based on the sound application of PMI-based standards. Our consultants follow a highly disciplined approach to program and portfolio management, as well as the selection and application of tools for automating policies and practices. Whether you’re managing a particular project, or a broad portfolio of activities, we have the enterprise understanding to optimize results, including:

  • Governance, Portfolio Management, & Enterprise Architecture
  • Operational Performance Assessments
  • PMO Development & Oversight
  • Project & Program Management
  • Project Control Support
  • Knowledge Management
  • ECHO: Secure-Repeatable-Agile™ Framework
  • EVM Assessments & Implementation
  • Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Acquisition Support

Operational Performance Assessments

Increasing operational performance and efficiency is the goal of every successful business. Our operational performance assessments provide an external perspective to determine how well your organization is “really” doing. We provide a fact-based framework to evaluate people, processes, and technology through analyzing key data and industry standards − creating a smart, cost-effective, and executable plan for improvement.

Agile/Traditional/Hybrid Integration
to Increase Business Agility

Increasingly, organizations require performance solutions that allow for greater business agility – in particular, solutions that support a hybrid approach combining traditional waterfall and Agile methodologies. As a unique offering in the marketplace, Edwards developed ECHO: Secure-Repeatable-Agile™.

ECHO is a standards-based framework to facilitate greater business agility, faster iterative delivery, and consistent planning and reporting across the enterprise. Most importantly, ECHO enables true enterprise management using traditional waterfall and Agile methodologies side by side for greater flexibility and control.