Main Street Ellicott City, MD is once again in ruins after being ravaged by the excessive rainfall and flooding on May 27. Homes and businesses were completely destroyed for the second time in two years and reports are saying the damage this time may be more extensive.

Below is a list of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities to support the Main Street efforts. You can also offer to volunteer. For additional community information, please visit The Baltimore Sun’s site or Howard County Chamber of Commerce updates.


Beginning Sunday morning, June 17, parking lot “D” will be reopened to the public to accommodate the employees and patrons of businesses located near, but outside, the restricted access zone established following the May 27 flood. The reopening of lot “D” will provide approximately 150 spaces for public use while Public Works recovery operations continue. Access to and from lot “D” will be ONLY from Roussey Lane via Old Columbia Pike. There will be NO MAIN STREET ACCESS from lot “D.” Hamilton Street will remain closed to traffic while repairs continue.

In Memory Of Eddison Hermond

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