The first. Pioneers in their field. Trailblazer.

We often hear these terms regarding women who lead the way, who are bold, and who create change. 

I had someone who helped me navigate the business world. Through her actions, she taught me so very much – how to lead, affect change, and mentor. Her bold actions allowed me to be bold too and I’ll never forget those lessons.


You don’t have to be the first or the best to make a difference – you just have to be bold.


As I’ve moved through my career, I’ve tried to put those lessons to good use. Helping others realize their potential is so rewarding. It’s amazing how you never know the impact you are having on someone else’s career until many years later. When someone acknowledges my support or direction it means more than anything – just knowing that you’ve positively impacted someone else’s life/career. Recognition for your boldness is rewarding and passing it on, even more so.

Bold means raising your hand, speaking up, and participating. Bold is mentoring others and leading by example because you never know whom you affect and what your efforts can mean to them.

I’ve received handwritten notes, emails, and social media messages thanking me for mentoring. We should all reach out to those who have positively affected us to let them know how they’ve changed for the better – how they’ve been bold.

Whether you’re Tory Burch with her foundation empowering entrepreneurial women or someone who mentors a colleague, the outcome is the same: making a difference in the lives and professions of women around the world. The smallest act of kindness can ripple to create a wave of change. #BeBoldForChange


Gina Abate joined Edwards in 2013 as a Senior Vice President. Appointed President in June 2013 and CEO in May 2016, she is responsible for the direction, leadership, and performance of Edwards. Gina actively runs day-to-day capture and delivery of products and services across the company’s three Strategic Business Units, contracts, finance, human resources, business development, proposals, and technology solutions. Under her leadership, Edwards expanded its offerings to include cybersecurity and IT services, complementing a strong enterprise management and training history. Gina’s strong leadership, industry knowledge, and board positions, enables strategic plan development for growth and to advance the company’s mission.


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