Need an Assistant?

Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, we don’t always have the resources to hire extra help. However, if you have SharePoint, many manual tasks can be automated using workflows!

A workflow is a process composed of several defined tasks. These tasks involve few or several people from one or multiple company departments. SharePoint workflows are meant to automate, consolidate, and speed up communication within a processes – saving time and money.

Most workflows can be created using out of the box SharePoint features – meaning your company does not need to spend money on third party SharePoint tools. SharePoint Designer 2013 and Microsoft Visio 2016 are two great out of the box resources to get you started.


Let’s take the example of onboarding employees. Most companies regularly hire people and, hopefully, there is a process. But, that process usually involves multiple departments (Human Resources, IT, Accounting, etc.). By building a SharePoint workflow, all departments can see who has done what and what still needs to be done in the process – aka, a detailed checklist to make sure nothing is overlooked.

HR may initiate the process, creating a New Hire Record to provide necessary information (e.g., start date, equipment/permissions requirements, client site) about the employee. Once the record is submitted, the workflow would automate an email to all departments involved in the new employee accounts, with instructions on what is needed from each department. As departments complete their tasks, the information is recorded and notification emails can be sent to adjoining departments. The workflow may also be configured to send pre-determined Welcome Emails (e.g., Payroll Signup, Emergency Contact Form) with instructions for the new employee.


Improve Communication

Minimize Paperwork

Save Time & Money

Avoid User Mistakes

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Enforce Compliance of Company Policies

Send Notifications to Stakeholders

As you can see, the workflow makes it easier for various departments to manage tasks, communicate, and stay connected to the onboarding process with minimal effort from the users. SharePoint workflows make life a little easier by assigning owners and providing schedules – ensuring process consistency without requiring a personal assistant.



Diana Hildreth graduated from George Mason University, majoring in Information Technology concentrating in Networking and Telecommunications; minoring in Business. She is A+, Security+, Office 365, SharePoint and CEH certified. At Edwards, her SharePoint skills and innovative thinking enhanced many procedures and workflows.