February 10, 2022 — Once again, Edwards is amongst the first Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Licensed Partner Publishers (LPPs) to bring approved Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA) curriculum to market, receiving formal award as CMMC-AB/CAICO Authorized Training Material (CATM)! Our CCA Exam Prep Boot Camp builds on the CMMC certification journey, providing a comprehensive CMMC foundation, as well as the technical background required for an Assessor to successfully participate on a C3PAO assessment team or a consultant to prepare an organization for their CMMC Level 2 Assessment.

As the only provider fully immersed in the CMMC ecosystem—training and education (LTP and LPP), certification (authorized C3PAO), consulting and assessments (RPO)—Edwards is an easy choice for all your CMMC needs. Building on our well-established, industry-wide CCP reputation, Edwards CCA classes are already filling up. We are excited to get these materials to our cadre of Licensed Training Providers (LTPs) educating the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)!

Students will receive in-depth technical and administrative perspectives from Provisional Instructors (PIs) who are also Provisional Assessors (PAs) currently providing NIST SP 800-171 assessments; these are some of the CMMC industry’s most respected consultants and Edwards’ own internal SMEs.

Focused on learning solutions that enhance organizational cybersecurity, Edwards courses are created using our instructional systems design approach based on industry standards – and have been for 24+ years. This expertise coupled with our cybersecurity team’s extensive experience in assessing and interpreting standards makes for dynamic CMMC training solutions.

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