January 6, 2021 — Edwards Performance Solutions is proud to announce our position as a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Licensed Training Provider (LTP) through the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB).

As an LTP, Edwards is approved to provide CMMC-AB certified classes to organizations and individuals planning to take CMMC-AB certification exams or utilize other CMMC Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) curriculum. Edwards is also a CMMC-AB approved LPP, providing concentrated CMMC knowledge to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).  Our LTP status taps into Edwards lengthy training history, with 23+ years of subject matter experts offering courses in areas such as Project Management, Business Process Management, Systems Engineering, Leadership, and Cybersecurity.

“Edwards leverages our CMMC integration, certified cybersecurity experts, and experienced facilitators to provide learners with top notch training preparation. Our Cybersecurity Team brings a wealth of knowledge in interpreting standards, and when coupled with our Training Team’s real-world experience, participants are sure to be prepared for certification exams or how to apply and/or assess CMMC implementation.” – Brian Hubbard, Edwards Director, Cybersecurity and Commercial

Learn more about the CMMC-AB LTP or sign up for our available CMMC courses, visit our portal. And, for more information on how Edwards can assist you in your CMMC journey, please contact us.