Employee Morale

Employee connection and wellness adds to employee morale and better mental focus.

Being part of a healthy workforce is more than clocking hours and a paycheck. A company is ultimately made up of people. And, investing in those people through employee engagement builds a more successful workforce.

As we live through a time of distancing, it is more important than ever to focus on the physical and mental well-being of employees. Creating a connection with peers and building relationships encourages support for one another in more than just work projects. There is a sense of unity to accomplish common goals.

When a company invests in employee programs, colleagues become a trusted resource – someone you can connect with to share challenges and successes. And, makes situations like the COVID-19 pandemic more bearable.

These connections are built in a myriad of ways – fitness challenges, fun events, and recognition for special life moments (e.g., babies, birthdays, personal accomplishments). The camaraderie can be especially important when there is a desire to improve your own health. When coworkers unite, there is a group of people to motivate you and hold you accountable, which makes reaching targets easier.

Small attainable goals build confidence, making you feel energized and more productive. When a company helps drive these programs, employees feel appreciated for more than their customer facing skills.

That energy resonates in their personal life to create an atmosphere of appreciation and encouragement. This positive cycle results in higher employee morale; vocal employees who are engaged, more creative, and always thinking of ways to continue on the path to success and self-improvement.

Employee engagement takes on many different shapes, but the result is the same. Better wellness for all!

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Employee Morale

Edwards employees recently participated in a virtual 5k as part of our Physical and Mental Health Check-In initiative! This is just another way that we are committed to living our values – People Are Our Strength.


Shawn Chevalier is an Edwards Project Manager, as well as a group fitness coach and health wellness advocate. He and his wife started Chevalier Life and Fitness Coaching to help people reach their fitness and nutrition goals, removing roadblocks that tend to hold us back from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Shawn has been training clients in Howard County, Maryland for 10+ years.