Your Compliance Management Toolkit

CyberPMO® is your cyber program management office. Whether an organization is regulated or not, they must protect their information and customers against cyber threats. We support your organization by establishing, monitoring, maintaining, and continuously improving your cyber program, at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house resources.

What is CyberPMO®?

Our proprietary solution addresses the root cause of at least 90% of current industry breaches. At its core, CyberPMO® focuses on cybersecurity program essentials like creating an asset inventory, identifying risk rates, and managing existing vulnerabilities. We take the time to establish an appropriate compliance framework, measure your organization against that framework, and define projects for improvement.

We partner with you to help create and manage policies, ensuring they are understood throughout the organization to develop a culture of cybersecurity through focused security awareness training and phishing campaigns.

CyberPMO® provides

✅ Visibility into your organization’s cyber risk

✅ Management of your cyber program to reduce risk utilizing a common platform

✅ Skilled cybersecurity professionals with decades of experience

✅ A solution focused on the specifics of your business


Leadership needs visibility into their organization’s cyber risk. Regardless of size or market, your organization also faces evolving cybersecurity threats, risks, and challenges in managing your cybersecurity program: a scarcity of in-house resources, finding/retaining skilled cybersecurity employees, the expense of outsourcing or hiring consultants, and the education required to keep staff ahead of changing adversarial tactics. Whether your organization is regulated or not, you must protect yourself and your customers against cyber threats.

CyberPMO® provides immediate value, providing transparency into your organization’s cyber risk through a continuously monitored and always-improving cyber program.

What We Offer

CyberPMO® provides a set of baseline services to set you up for organizational success, as well as additional a la carte services that can be added at any time – providing unmatched value priced as an affordable subscription.

Core Services

  • Asset Inventory
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Security Awareness Managed Service
  • Policy Management

Additional Services

  • Continuous Penetration Testing and Analysis
  • vCISO Advisory Services
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Services
  • Policy Review and Development
  • Vendor Risk Management


  • Affordable turn-key cybersecurity program, managed by cybersecurity experts
  • Continuous assessment, providing current information on business risk/compliance status
  • On-demand reporting to clients, partners, etc.
  • Trained and cyber-aware staff