Prime Contract: GS-00F-387GA
Sponsor: U.S. General Services Administration



Edwards has a Multiple Award Schedule (formerly Professional Services Schedule and MOBIS) contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule. Through this schedule contract, Edwards provides all resources including personnel, management, supplies, services, materials, equipment, facilities, and transportation necessary to support a wide-range of professional services specified in each task order. View the Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List here.

When task orders are issued, they identify the Special Item Number (SIN) under which the task is being executed. Edwards can provide services under the following SINs.

  • SIN 611430: Professional and Management Development Training
  • SIN 541611: Management & Financial Consulting, Acquisition & Grants Management Support, and Business Program & Project Management Services
  • SIN 54151S: Information Technology (IT) Professional Services
  • ANCILLARY: Ancillary Support and/or Services
  • OLM: Order-Level Materials (OLM’s)





This contract is available for use by all Federal government agencies, executive agencies, mixed-ownership Government corporations, and the District of Columbia.

Contract Type

Task orders (TOs) will be issued using the labor categories and ceiling rates defined for the contract. There is no dollar value ceiling for the contract.

  • Fixed Price
  • Time & Material (T&M)
  • Labor Hour

Periods of Performance

Contract Period: September 11, 2022 through September 10, 2027

Contact Information

To contact Edwards concerning our schedule, email