Your CMMC-AB Approved LPP Partner

Edwards is proud to offer our CMMC-AB approved CCP, CCA-1*, and CCA-3* course materials for your consideration. Edwards has provided cybersecurity and project management training for 20+ years, with a focus on learning solutions demonstrating industry expertise, and delivering an engaging and dynamic learning experience.

We are CMMC advocates and training professionals supporting the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) cybersecurity health and are excited to partner with the best LTPs in the CMMC ecosystem.

*Pending CMMC-AB Approval

Edwards Instructor Bundle

Our Instructor Bundle Includes:

✅ 500+ slides for 5 days of teaching
✅ Resources for the LTPs to get the most out of their training materials
✅ ​500+ page softcover book ​that covers all learning objectives
✅ 250+ page softcover student workbook
✅ And more…

Our Account Managers are ready to assist you!

When you work with Edwards, you are provided an Account Manager to answer all of your training program questions and when you create an account on our LTP platform, you are assigned a specific Technical Manager to assist with any technical questions or purchase needs.

Our team prides itself on the customer experience and making sure you receive materials with ease.

Joy Beland

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant & Instructor

Meg Schlichter

Cybersecurity Research Analyst, CMMC Training

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Working towards certification within the CMMC ecosystem can be a daunting task for any organization. As a CMMC-AB Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP), Edwards produces quality training materials for Licensed Training Partners (LTPs) or Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC).


Instructor Bundle Options

CCP Bundle

The CCP Instructor Bundle includes everything you need to prepare a classroom of participants to take the Certified CMMC Professional exam. This offering provides books, slides, and support to help you succeed in the classroom – in person or virtually.

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