#BalanceforBetter is more than gender, race, religion, age, or equality.

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements, but to become a true influencer you must start with personal balance.

Taking care of your own balance is part of the bigger picture in creating a gender-balanced world. When you achieve balance in your own life, your impact in the workplace is greater.

As a leader, you must emulate a healthy work-life balance for the future professional generation. Champion your culture through action rather than words. If you are not practicing what you preach, it can place unintended pressure on others to shadow your lead. Finding your balance is crucial to impactful leadership.

Once they see your balance, it helps them establish their own –

a domino effect!

Part of your balance is knowing what you do well and how to leverage the gifts and talents of your team to their full potential. As leader, you must be humble and vulnerable enough to recognize that you don’t know everything. Being aware of your team’s skills helps you effectively coach them, as well as learn from them. After all, it’s not about just one person.

There is beauty within our differences, creating unique perspectives. We are actively combating stereotypes, working together, and embracing progressive mindsets to achieve balance and greatness in the workplace.

Once your organization reaches balance,
it opens the door to seize opportunities.

As a woman in leadership, it’s important I promote opportunities for our future leaders – challenging them, while ensuring an environment that embraces learning from mistakes and growth.

An opportunity can be wide-open; however, potentially intimidating if a role or position is generally typecast. Being a woman in the workplace, I have not always fit a specific dynamic. Our role as leaders is to encourage young professionals to break the stereotypes and successfully seize opportunities.

Be there to guide their journey as they navigate obstacles; ultimately promoting balance within all organizations.

We collectively contribute to #BalanceforBetter.

Always look for more than one viewpoint. Create a blend of perspectives for a more unified voice – together we achieve #BalanceforBetter.



Wendy was a former Edwards Director of HR and Administration, with 10+ years of industry-specific experience and 15+ total years of professional experience, distinguished by proven results. Wendy is responsible for leading all strategic initiatives and day-to-day functions for the HR department, in addition to managing Recruitment efforts, Security, and Administrative Support.