Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams Workshop: For Managers & Executive Leadership

Offices are changing and more employees are splitting their time between a commute and a home office. This two-hour workshop is targeted for managers, executive leadership, or anyone leading a team. Form a foundation of techniques and best practices for leading virtual and hybrid teams to success!

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Encourage your team to determine their work/life harmony in a way that meets corporate and customer needs. Fostering mental and behavioral health can result in improved productivity and collaboration, reduce sick days, and boost retention and job satisfaction. Let’s help our teams reduce stress – not just manage it!

Our instructors are functional managers with extensive project management experience working with virtual and hybrid teams. Along with world-class instruction, the course content covers best practices gathered from field experts and speaks to the challenges of managing virtual and hybrid teams, as well as “difficult” team members. This workshop will provide tools, techniques, and activities to enable your team’s success.

✅ Discuss virtual team challenges and opportunities

✅ Determine if team expectations need modification or communication and how

✅ Share best practices for supporting a thriving, reliable team

✅ Address virtual/hybrid workgroups

✅ Remediate issues with disconnected or struggling employees

✅ Implement solutions to keep your team ready for success whether remote or in the office


Managers, supervisors, directors, or C-suite executives who are currently managing or anticipating managing virtual and/or hybrid teams would benefit from this course. These skills give your team the space and resources to thrive.

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Our course will take place virtually at 9 a.m. on the following dates:

Thursday, February 10, 2022

       Thursday, March 3, 2022

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“I’ve taken several of Jeff’s training sessions, and his audience engagement, energy, and obvious passion for teaching are very high. The sessions end up often not feeling long enough. As someone that has some expertise in many of the topics Jeff has covered, I have always walked away with a fresh view, new perspective, and a few great tips to try out.”

Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams Training Schedule

Move from surviving toward thriving. The pandemic strained us as people, but we can seize opportunities to blossom in a hybrid capacity. It’s a perfect time to rethink what’s important, collaborate on standards and team ground rules without clinging to pre-pandemic expectations that may no longer serve you. Encourage your team to determine their work/life harmony in a way that meets corporate and customer needs.

During Training

Those enrolled will have the opportunity to participate in a live and interactive two-hour lecture with a knowledgeable instructor, featuring an active discussion with others in the workshop. Along with the benefits of live discussion and instruction, participants will receive a digital copy of the instructor presentation in a full-page narrative format.

After Training

Participants will be able to manage their virtual or hybrid teams to maintain a cohesive and productive team. Along with a new skillset, participants can access a recording of the course through our learning management system (LMS) to rewatch important points.


Jeff Bongiovani
Training & Development Manager

Jeff is Edwards Training and Development Manager. He leads an expert design, development, and quality assurance team through the creation and improvement of eLearning and ILT courses. The courses present true SME knowledge across our consulting firm in the areas of Project Management, Systems Engineering, Business Process Management, Leadership, and Cybersecurity.

“Jeff is an engaging instructor who has the capability to translate and communicate learning concepts in a relatable way. He does this by breaking down information in a way that is easy to digest – whether technical or management skills. He also keeps it fun! I still reference his Visio training, because it is so clear and easy to follow.”

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Our T&D experts provide instructor led and virtual learning solutions to enhance organizational performance. We equip teams with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve business objectives – leveraging industry experience to develop and facilitate courses in Project Management, Business Process Management, Systems Engineering, Leadership, and Cybersecurity, including Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn to manage teams online?

Yes! Managing virtual and hybrid teams comes with a learning curve, and that’s exactly why Edwards created this course. Our 2-hour workshop provides managers, supervisors, and executive leadership the tools to enable your team’s success.

How do I take this course if I'm not in Maryland?

You don’t have to be located in Maryland to participate in our Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams workshop. This is a Virtual Instructor Led Course (VILT) to allow anyone to participate.

Do you offer other leadership style training?

Edwards Training and Development team has developed a robust catalog over the last 23+ years. We currently have two other leadership-style courses – Boss to Leader and High Performance Leadership. You can view all of our course offerings, including our leadership courses in our online catalog.