Learn from our team of world-class Provisional Instructors (PIs) and Provisional Assessors (PAs), and enjoy $600 off our Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) 5-Day Course (originally $3295).

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Become a Certified CMMC Professional!

Having a Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) on your team allows for the best return on investment, both financially and with the quality of your assessment preparation team. Our course provides your team an insider look at the assessment process, making you the better RPO option for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

INTRODUCING CCP 2.0 & CCP+ 2.0 (3- and 5-day course options)

Recognizing the need to accommodate busy schedules, we now offer additional Certified CMMC Professional (CCP) Exam Prep Boot Camp options. Participants can choose our 3-day CCP 2.0 Boot Camp, or they expand their knowledge even further by registering for our 5-day CCP+ 2.0 Boot Camp. Both options leverage our team of well-respected Provisional Instructors (PIs) and Provisional Assessors (PAs) to provide the necessary knowledge to pass the CMMC-AB exam. The CCP+ 2.0 Boot Camp adds 16 hours of instruction, delving further into Level 2 scoping and the full 110 practices.


Edwards helps you understand your cybersecurity risks, develop a security plan, and then institutionalize a cyber risk program. Our cybersecurity assessments, plans, and other tailored solutions fit your budget – keeping you informed and well protected. Our team of cybersecurity experts brings decades of security expertise to your organization.

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CMMC Resources

Our team of cybersecurity experts brings more than a half century’s worth of deep understanding and experience in assessing and interpreting standards, guidelines, and best practices to improve cybersecurity programs. Visit some of our CMMC resources to see how we can best help your organization!