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In-Person CCP course at the Gaylord National Harbor from November 18th, 19th, & 20th with supplemental guided learning material at your own pace.

Course Description

This Hybrid CCP course covers the foundational required curriculum along with Level 2 scoping and the full 110 practices. This class is integral to an individual who is a valuable resource to a consultancy providing CMMC preparation, to a C3PAO providing certified assessor support, or to an organization interested in having in-house CMMC trained resources.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of the CMMC Assessment Process (CAP) Documentation to assist in representing or preparing an organization for formal assessment by a C3PAO
  • Understand key CMMC historical building blocks and applicable DIB regulatory obligations
  • Apply concepts around identifying, handling, marking, storing, labeling, and safeguarding FCI and CUI according to NARA and NIST 800-171
  • Understand Level 1 and Level 2 Scoping criteria according to the CMMC 2.0 Documentation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the correlation of NIST 800-171 controls across all domains and all 110 practices
  • Describe and compare roles and responsibilities of organizations and individuals across the CMMC-AB ecosystem
  • Define, understand, and implement methods to fulfil NIST 800-171 Assessment Objectives within each control according to CMMC 2.0 Documentation
  • Identify legal obligations and ethical considerations of any CMMC-AB credentialed, registered, or certified professionals
  • Understand all aspects and management of conflicts with the Code of Professional Conduct (CoPC)


During class, we will take a deep dive into Scoping, the Assessment Process, and the individual practices listed in the Assessment Guide. Please come to class with a familiarity with these topics’ source documents, listed below:

Prior to class, you will receive instructions on accessing the most recent version of the CMMC Assessment Process document (CAP). Please review the CAP as well as the documents listed above as part of your preparation for the class.

What’s Included

  • 3 days of live instructor-led training & Guided Learning Modules
  • Digital CCP Field Guide and Exam Prep Manual with Level 2 scoping and all 110 controls
  • Digital CCP Student Workbook with slides covering Levels 1 and 2 Scoping and all 110 controls
  • Downloads of CCP-specific CMMC-AB exclusive materials for the CAP
  • Links to dozens of free resources in support of CCP foundational knowledge
  • In-class activities for each Knowledge Area throughout the boot camp
  • Certificate of completion and approval to sit for CMMC-AB Exam
  • Access to Exam Practice Questions for Certified CMMC Professional (CCP 2.0)

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