Edwards & the CMMC Ecosystem

We partner with MSPs to provide the staffing and knowledge needed to bring CMMC to you or your clients; WE DO NOT COMPETE. We develop goal-oriented, impactful action items that ultimately provide cost-effective business growth. Edwards plays a role in nearly every aspect of the CMMC ecosystem — training, education, assessments, and certification.

Currently, we support Organizations Seeking Certification (OSC) as an RPO and candidate C3PAO, providing CMMC-AB approved assessments, consulting, and assessment preparation. We are also LTPs and LPPs, developing training and providing CMMC-AB certified classes to organizations and individuals planning to take CMMC-AB certification exams or utilize other LPP curriculum.

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RPOs are dedicated consultants known for their expertise in CMMC assessment preparation, but choosing the right one can be quite a challenge.

We partner with MSPs to provide the staffing and knowledge needed to bring CMMC to you or your clients; WE DO NOT COMPETE. We develop goal-oriented, impactful action items that ultimately provide cost-effective business growth.

Working in the way that best suits you, our consulting services can extend beyond the POAM, with the option to manage the implementation of remediation controls and stand with you to advocate for your clients during the formal assessment.


Our targeted yet simple approach delivers big results that respect your budget, timeline and inform key stakeholders. Each engagement is unique.

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C3PAOs are authorized by the CMMC-AB to conduct formal CMMC assessments and choosing one from the marketplace can be quite the challenge.

You’ve done the heavy lift in preparing yourself or your clients for the formal CMMC assessment. And, we know selecting a C3PAO for you or your client is a big decision. Edwards partners with MSPs to provide a readiness review before conducting the formal assessment, ensuring your C3PAO investment is positioned for success. We are committed to transparent and frequent communication, excellent project management, and cost-effectiveness.


Good project management includes upfront planning. We begin each engagement with a readiness review, ensuring your MSP or client is set up for success!

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Want More Information on Assessments?

CMMC Exam Prep Guides

The Certified CMMC Professional is aimed at IT Consultants, Internal IT, and anyone who wants to move on to being a Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA).

This 500+ page book covers everything you need to know to understand the CMMC assessment process from start to finish, serving as your go-to resource for helping your clients prepare.

CMMC Exam Prep Courses

For those offering CMMC preparation support, C3PAOs providing assessor support, or an organization interested in having in-house CMMC trained resources, the CCP is a valuable credential. This 5-day bootcamp enables a participant’s understanding of the CMMC standard, relevant supporting materials, and what to expect in the assessment process from start to finish.


    • 5 days of virtual instructor led training
    • Hard copy course manual (CCP Exam Prep Guide)
    • In-class activities, workbook, and downloadable resources
    • Immediate access to CMMC Fundamentals eLearning modules
    • CMMC-AB Certified Professional Exam Voucher
    • Optional Certified CMMC Professional 4 week Guided Exam Prep Study Group (recommended)

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A note to the MSP COMMUNITY

Your CMMC partner should be focused on your organizational goals, understand the MSP industry, and be entrenched in the CMMC ecosystem.

Founded in 1997, Edwards is a WOSB and respected leader in project management, training, and cybersecurity consulting and assessment services. Leveraging our roots in both the government and commercial markets, Edwards emerged as a premier vendor in the CMMC arena as a certified RPO, candidate C3PAO, LTP, and LPP.

Our CMMC preparation consulting reflects our commitment to any MSP and their client’s CMMC Maturity Level as a critical component to business success. You won’t find a professional services firm that understands MSPs the way we do.

Talk to us about how we can help shepherd the CMMC opportunity for you. After all, we are in this together.

Meet The Team

Our Cybersecurity Team brings more than ten decades of combined cybersecurity experience in assessing and interpreting NIST, CIS, HIPAA and ISO 27001 standards and guidelines. Our expert management and implementation of security programs throughout the government, commercial, and healthcare industries is well respected and far reaching. Meet our team to see why!

Brian Hubbard

Director, Commercial and Cybersecurity


Brian Hubbard brings 35+ years of cybersecurity program management experience to his role within Edwards Performance Solutions. Brian leads all Commercial business and cybersecurity engagements, including CMMC initiatives, supporting organizations in their CMMC knowledge and preparation. Prior to Edwards, Brian led the contractor team supporting NIST in the development of the “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” (i.e., the NIST Cybersecurity Framework) in response to Executive Order 13636.

Dana Pickett

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)


Dana Pickett joined Edwards in 2017 as Principal of Cybersecurity and appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in 2018. He is responsible for maintaining Edwards’ cybersecurity programs, focused on both business and technical risk management for cyber, audit, compliance, and privacy requirements. Dana also manages cyber programs for diverse industries, leading teams and communicating with executive management. He has 32+ years’ of experience successfully implementing security solutions.

Joy Beland

CMMC Training Program Manager


Joy Beland joined Edwards in 2020. Joy founded and managed a successful security-focused MSP practice for 21 years, then pivoted to serve the MSP community as a cybersecurity instructor. After educating 3,000+ Engineers and Development Reps on cybersecurity fundamentals, Joy joined forces with Edwards and is now responsible for managing and delivering all aspects of CMMC-AB approved certification training. She is also an active participant of the Commercial Cybersecurity Assessment Team.

Sam Bell

CMMC Assessment Program Manager


Sam Bell leverages 36+ years of IT and project management experience in managing data warehouse, call center, reporting, and security infrastructure and assessments projects. His focus on process improvement ensures a consistent, repeatable, and measurable approach is taken to deliver value and a secure operating environment for clients. At Edwards, Sam oversees the Cybersecurity Assessments practice, leading NIST 800-53, HIPAA, NIST CSF, and CMMC readiness assessments for firms of all sizes, across diverse industries.

Marcellus Williams

Sr. Penetration Tester

CEH Master ⚬ Security+ ⚬ RP

Marcellus Williams joined Edwards Performance Solutions in 2020 and works concurrently as a Network Analyst in the United States Army Reserves. In addition to 10+ years of penetration testing experience, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Assurance. Prior to Edwards, he worked at the DoD where he was tasked to emulate Nation State hackers and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Tom Chebib

Cybersecurity Consultant


Dr. Tom Chebib is an experienced cybersecurity professional with 10+ years of successful program management implementation. He has assisted in managing cybersecurity programs for firms ranging from trillion dollar organizations to small businesses. At Edwards, Tom provides cybersecurity governance as a service and CISO advisory services, while also managing assessments based on NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, NIST CSF, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and CMMC.

Joe Stoner

IT Cybersecurity Specialist


Joe Stoner is an IT and cybersecurity professional at Edwards with 6+ years of experience, focusing on computer administration and network/system security. Since joining Edwards in 2014, Joe has conducted security risk assessments for clients, using multiple standards and frameworks (i.e., NIST 800-53, 800-171, CSF, and ISO 27001), provided cybersecurity services to mature client security postures, and developed/implemented procedures to meet security goals.

Tyler Gormus

Jr. Cybersecurity Consultant


Tyler Gormus joined the Edwards Cybersecurity Team in 2018. He provides experience in conducting security risk assessments for clients in using multiple standards and frameworks (i.e., NIST 800-53, 800-171, CSF, and ISO 27001), interviewing appropriate stakeholders, and implements an easy to use/costeffective approach for customers working toward compliance. Tyler also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secure Computing and Information Assurance.

Brice Woods

Jr. Cybersecurity Consultant


Brice Woods joined the Edwards Cybersecurity Team in 2019. His experience includes participating and conducting security risk assessments for clients in using multiple standards and frameworks (i.e., NIST 800-53, 800-171, CSF, and ISO 27001), interviewing multiple stakeholders, and producing an easy to use roadmap, with project prioritization for client working toward compliance. Brice also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity.