Thank you!

Thank you for your participation in our CMMC-AB approved CCP Exam Prep Boot Camp! As you continue to prepare for the exam in our study group, we want to provide you the opportunity to obtain a hard copy of our CCP Field Guide and Exam Prep Manual free! You only pay shipping and handling to have the set delivered to your door. Please do not share this link with anyone else; it is specifically for students who have participated in the CCP course with Edwards. Most of the information included in the book is still applicable to CMMC standards. Along with the purchase, you will receive a hard copy of our CCP Course Workbook.

All of these resources, including your study group, will expand your cybersecurity knowledge and prepare you when the CCP exam is released.

Changes to CMMC 2.0 are continuing to be released, and Edwards cybersecurity subject matter experts will continue to be leaders in all things CMMC. For up-to-date CMMC information, visit our dedicated CMMC web page. For in-depth discussions, visit our YouTube channel for our CMMC Explained videos featuring our Senior Cybersecurity Consultant and Provisional Instructor, Joy Beland, CISM, SSAP, CMMC-AB Provisional Assessor, Provisional Instructor.